Why Is Soft Washing Your Home Better Than Pressure Washing?

HomeBlogWhy Is Soft Washing Your Home Better Than Pressure Washing?

When you want to truly clean something, do you simply rinse it off? Sure, a quick rinse can remove some dirt and stains on the surface, but it doesn’t actually eliminate the problem. Think about what would happen if you just rinsed off your teeth instead of properly brushing them with toothpaste! You’d have problems!

Proper brushing helps remove tartar and plaque from the surface of your teeth, eliminating problems that can cause further damage. Hypothetically speaking, the same is true when it comes to soft washing your home’s surfaces. Soft washing goes beyond merely cleaning off the exterior of your home and actually eliminates the microbes that cause discoloration and staining.

Cleaning off the surface with pressure washing doesn’t get rid of the problem either. Even worse, pressure washing can actually cause more problems when done improperly. If you are thinking about pressure washing your home this spring, here are a few reasons why you should choose soft washing instead.


  • Removes Bacteria- Pressure washing merely washes off the surface layer of grime, while soft washing does that AND gets rid of all the bacteria! Soft washing treats infestations, which is essential when it comes to protecting your Mooresville, North Carolina home. Our methods remove dirt, debris, and other contaminants from your home’s surface entirely instead of simply removing the outer layer.
  • Doesn’t Damage Surfaces- If done improperly, pressure washing can cause severe damage to your home’s roof and other surfaces. Soft washing avoids this risk entirely. Pressure washing creates erosion and strips materials away that loosened because of aging or decomposition. Since soft washing doesn’t use damaging high pressure, the treatments also last much longer.
  • Better Sustainability- In just one hour, a pressure washer can use between 180 and 480 gallons of water. Comparatively, soft washing only uses about 60 gallons of cleaning solution, which requires approximately 40 gallons of water. This cleaning solution also gets results that last four to six times longer than power washing, which is good for the environment and your wallet.

Now is the time to get your home ready for long summer days, backyard BBQs, and outdoor entertaining with a soft washing appointment from our team. Give your home the exterior refresher it needs while getting rid of the problem for long-lasting results! Book your soft wash appointment today, and let us remove all of the dirt, mold, algae, and fungi on your home’s exterior.