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At Baker SoftWash, we want to help you take the best possible care of your property, and we offer the state-of-the-art cleaning solutions you need to do just that. Our soft washing services eliminate not just dirt and grime, but also debris, algae, and mold, which cause dirt buildup in the first place. In order to spread the word about our services, our team has done a number of TV interviews with Charlotte Today. We encourage you to take a look at them below if you want to learn more about what our expert service providers can do for you. Be sure to also follow us on social media to see our live updates, fun TikTok videos, and more!

Safe Alternative to Pressure Washing

At Baker SoftWash, Our Pressure Washing Company Recently Talked Spring Cleaning on Charlotte Today


Put the Ladder Away and Call Baker SoftWash for Christmas Light Installation in Mooresville, NC

Leave the ladder where it is and have our sister company, I Need Lights, come and install your Christmas lights this year! We tell Charlotte Today about how it works.


We Gave Some Soft Washing Tips for Homes in Mooresville, NC on Charlotte Today

Check out our spot on Charlotte Today – we explained the benefits of soft washing! Take a minute to watch and how our services can improve your home.


Revive Your Roof with Our Roof Cleaning Services in Mooresville, NC

We explained the benefits of our Our Roof Cleaning Services to the folks at Charlotte Today. Check out the video of our tv interview!