Caring For Your Gutters During The Summer To Prepare For Fall

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Many people don’t pay any mind to gutters—especially during the summer months—that is, until they clog up with debris and water can’t flow through them properly this fall. Then, it’s impossible to overlook them!

Caring For Your Gutters During The Summer To Prepare For Fall

Gutters play an essential role in our homes, and they should be taken care of during the summer months — before the leaves and debris of fall take up real estate in the unprotected ones.

Whether or not you’ve ever given them much thought, now is the time to get your mind in the gutter. Here are three steps to care for your gutters during the summer and avoid costly repairs down the road!

Check your gutters for damages.

The first step in taking care of your gutters during the summer is to check them for any damages. This includes looking for any cracks, leaks, or rust.

As for gutters that aren’t properly protected with a gutter guard, debris will build up over time and eventually block water from flowing through the gutters. This can cause the gutters to overflow, damaging the roofing and exterior of your home.

Replace any damaged pieces for full functioning.

If you find any damage, it’s best to repair any necessary pieces as soon as possible. This includes replacing any cracked or leaky sections and any rusty parts.

If you don’t replace the damaged pieces, your gutter will not function properly and could cause water to back up and overflow.

By replacing the damaged pieces and having guards installed, you’ll ensure that your gutter system can effectively do what it’s meant to: direct water away from your roof and the side of your home. If your gutter system can’t do this, it can efficiently pool water back to your roof and foundation, causing shingle damage or wood rot.

Remove debris from your gutters.

The last step in taking care of your gutters during the summer is removing any accumulated debris. This includes leaves, twigs, branches, and other organic material that has found its way into your gutters.

The longer leaves and debris sit in your gutter system, the more prone it is to clogging, rust, decay, and pest infestations, and the more pieces of your gutters you may have to replace. Not to mention, your gutters are also more susceptible to catching fire as long as there are leaves to catch embers.

If you don’t remove the debris, not only will your gutters overflow and leak, but the weight of the debris can also damage your gutters and cause them to sag or even fall off completely.

Happy gutters, happy summer.

We’re certain that the last thing you want to do this summer is add another home maintenance task to your list. You deserve to kick back, relax and enjoy the warm weather. But we can’t let you sit idly by and allow preventable gutter damage to happen, so here’s our proposal: we will clean and protect your gutter system for you.

Baker SoftWash offers top-rated gutter cleaning services to remove all the debris from your gutters, so you don’t have to! We also offer professional gutter guard installation to keep your gutters clean and debris-free. Contact us today to learn more!