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Try something besides pressure washing to get your home clean.

You want your home to be the best looking one on the block. The problem is that no matter how many times you power wash your roof, siding, sidewalk, and driveway, you’re not going to eliminate the environmental causes that have led to the buildup of algae, dirt and grime on your home’s exteriors completely. And, the more you rely on pressure washing, the more likely it is that you’ll end up with damage to your home’s exterior.

Pressure Washing in Mooresville, North Carolina

The solution? Soft washing! A new, innovative approach to pressure washing, soft washing is a growing favorite among homeowners here in the Mooresville, North Carolina area. Unlike pressure washing, which relies on straight force to eliminate buildup, soft washing uses specialized solutions that eliminate mold, algae, dirt, nests, and other debris at their source. The result is a home that’s unbelievably clean and beautiful.

The best part about soft washing is that the results last! Unlike pressure washing, where you have to repeat the process often (risking damage each time!), soft washing removes the source of the grime and discoloration. This means that the results will not only last longer, but you’re protecting your investment at the same time.

Make soft washing part of your home maintenance routine for a stunning home with incredible curb appeal! We want to tell you all about how soft washing is the new alternative to traditional pressure washing. Get in touch with us today to learn more and to schedule your consult.

FAQs About Pressure Washing

At Baker SoftWash, we take a different approach to exterior cleaning and use soft washing instead of pressure washing. Below, we’ve answered a few questions about what soft washing is and why it’s a beneficial alternative to traditional pressure washing.

How is pressure washing different from soft washing?

Pressure washing uses a high-powered stream of water to blast away dirt, grime, and contaminants from surfaces. Comparatively, soft washing uses low-pressure water and biodegradable chemicals to emulsify contaminants from exterior surfaces.

Can you pressure wash my roof?

We do not recommend pressure washing a roof, as this could damage your roof’s shingles and other materials. We can get rid of those unattractive black streaks and other buildup on your roof with the power of soft washing.

What makes soft washing a beneficial pressure washing alternative?

One of the main reasons why soft washing is a beneficial pressure washing alternative is because it’s gentle on surfaces. It’s also highly effective at removing stains and buildup, and the results often last four to six times longer than normal pressure washing.

Why should I hire you for exterior cleaning services?

We’re extremely customer service-oriented and will make sure working with us is a good experience. We’ll also make your house look great with our soft washing services!

How do I get a quote?

If you want us to soft wash your home, contact us! We’d be happy to tell you more about soft washing and why it’s a great choice for your home’s surfaces.

At Baker SoftWash, we offer a superior alternative to pressure washing services for customers in Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Charlotte, Troutman, Statesville, Denver, Kannapolis, China Grove, Landis, Concord, and Iredell County, North Carolina.


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