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Why does the pricing vary so much in the exterior cleaning industry? We outline the facts.

The soft washing industry is known for its wide range of pricing options, with some companies charging more and others charging less. The difference in pricing can often be confusing for customers, making it difficult to determine which company to choose. At Baker SoftWash, we believe that paying more for a premium service is the smart choice, and in this article, we’ll explain why.


First, it’s important to understand what soft washing is and why it’s a superior method compared to traditional pressure washing. Soft washing uses a low-pressure system with specialized cleaning solutions to remove dirt, algae, and other buildup from a variety of surfaces, including roofs, siding, decks, and patios. This method is safer for the surfaces being cleaned and more effective in removing stubborn stains and buildup.

So, why does the pricing vary so much in the soft washing industry? One factor is the use of high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions. Many companies use low-quality equipment and inexpensive, generic cleaning solutions that may not produce the same level of results as a premium service. At Baker SoftWash, we use only the highest-quality equipment and specialized cleaning solutions to ensure our customers receive the best possible results.

Another factor to consider is the level of experience and expertise of the technicians performing the work. At Baker SoftWash, our technicians undergo extensive training to ensure they have the skills and knowledge necessary to deliver a top-notch service. We believe that investing in our technicians is an investment in our customers’ satisfaction.

Finally, paying more for a premium service like Baker SoftWash means you’re not just paying for a one-time cleaning. Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our customers and provide them with the best possible service. We offer a satisfaction guarantee, which means if you’re not completely satisfied with the results of our service, we’ll make it right.

In conclusion, while there may be a difference in pricing in the soft washing industry, it’s important to consider all of the factors that contribute to the cost of a service. At Baker SoftWash, we believe that paying more for a premium service is the smart choice. By investing in high-quality equipment and cleaning solutions, experienced technicians, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, we’re confident that you’ll see the difference in the results of our service.