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Give your siding a much-needed cleaning with soft washing.

Your siding covers the majority of your home’s exterior, so it’s the component that has the biggest impact on the way your house looks. The weather, elements, debris buildup, sun exposure, and age can all cause your siding to look a little worse for wear, and you may think that regular powerwashing is the answer. Although powerwashing can brighten up your siding temporarily, it’s not the long-term, effective solution you need.

Siding Cleaning Services in Mooresville, North Carolina

For better siding cleaning services in Mooresville, North Carolina that get incredible results, choose Baker SoftWash. We use a proprietary soft washing system that capitalizes on state-of-the-art equipment and gentle cleaning solutions. Powerwashing, especially when done frequently, can damage your siding, reducing its lifespan and getting limited results when it comes to cleaning. Our siding cleaning services go beyond what powerwashing can do because our solutions remove the microbes, algae, fungi, and other growths at the source. This leaves you with siding that’s fully clean and results that last between 4-6 times longer.

Your experience with us starts by contacting us for an estimate. We’ll come to your home and give you a full picture of what our siding cleaning options can do and also make suggestions for other surfaces of your home. We can clean your whole home from the roof to the driveway, so let us go beyond just your siding and make your entire property sparkle and shine!

Make our siding cleaning services part of your plan to have the best-looking house on the block! Get in touch now for an estimate.

FAQs About Our Siding Cleaning Services

Our team at Baker SoftWash offers expert siding cleaning services that will keep your building looking immaculate and also keep your siding in peak condition. If you have questions about these services, keep reading to find the answers you are looking for. If we didn’t cover your question here, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Why do I need to have my siding cleaned?

Besides just making your home or commercial property look nicer, our siding cleaning services will also help keep it in good condition. Our soft wash methods are designed to target and remove algae, mold, and other microorganisms that trap dirt against your exterior walls and eat into the surface over time. By removing these contaminants, our team will ensure that your building looks its best and remains in peak condition for as long as possible.

How often should I have my siding cleaned?

In general, a good guideline for how often to use siding cleaning services is once every two to three years. Of course, if you notice that your siding is looking especially dirty or you find mold or algae on the surface, we recommend that you have your siding cleaned right away to prevent the problem from getting worse.

How much do siding cleaning services cost?

The total cost of our siding cleaning services varies depending on several factors, including the side of your building and the amount of dirt, algae, etc., there is to remove. We are happy to give you an estimate for your home when you contact us.

At Baker SoftWash, we offer siding cleaning services for customers in Mooresville, Cornelius, Davidson, Huntersville, Charlotte, Troutman, Statesville, Denver, Kannapolis, China Grove, Landis, Concord, and Iredell County, North Carolina.


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